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Yume Bitsu

Planetarium Music

Planetarium Music is the name given by Alex Bundy to his personal repertoire of music and audio recordings. First created in 2000, his goal was to explore and expand upon the psychedelic electronic genre, which dates back to the mid 1970’s. Bundy has stated that he draws inspiration from renowned artists in the genre such as Klaus Schulz, Tangerine Dream, Robert Rich, and Steve Roach. His aim with Planetarium Music is to create music that is both easy to listen to while also prompting strange or unusual feelings.

Yume Bitsu

Translating literally to “drum beats” from Japanese, Yume Bitsu is the name given to the now defunct psychedelic space rock band based out of Portland, Oregon. Active from 1995 to 2002, the group consisted of four members: guitarist and vocalist Adam Forkner, guitarist Franz Prichard, percussionist Jason Anderson, and Alex Bundy on keyboard and other electronics. Yume Bitsu released a total of four albums during their time together, receiving generally positive reviews from listeners and critics.

Surface of Eceon

Surface of Eceon is a psychedelic rock group praised for their ambient space rock style of music. Regarded as a sort of super group by their fans, four of their five members had already seen significant success in their previous bands. Dick Baldwin, Daron Gardner, and Aaron Snow were a part of Landing, while Adam Forkner joined the group after working with Yume Bitsu. Also a part of Surface of Eceon is drummer and percussionist Phil Jenkins. Their discography consists of four releases: The King Beneath the Mountain, Dragyyn, Crickets and Fireflies, and Revenge of Dragon. Crickets and Fireflies was a unique split album created with the bands Kinski and Paik.


Landing is an indie rock group based out of Connecticut. First created by Aaron and Adrienne snow, the band presents sounds that fall under genres such as space rock, shoegaze, ambient, and slo-core. Originally named May Landing and consisting of only the Snow duo, addition members were later added and the official name was changed. Later members include Dick Baldwin on guitar and bass, Daron Gardner on bass and drums, and recently Peter Baumann on synthesizer. Landing toured extensively during their earlier years and have released a total of thirteen studio recordings since their initial inception.

Wolf Colonel

Wolf Colonel is the creation of singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist Jason Anderson. Well known for his work in the band Yume Bitsu, Anderson’s work with Wolf Colonel focuses on the indie rock and power pop genres. Although he generally plays alongside a full band during live shows, the vast majority of his studio recordings are done solo. Drawing some inspiration from punk and arena rock sounds, the music of Wolf Colonel is unique and like no other. Jason Anderson has released two full length albums under this title, Vikings of Mint and The Castle, as well as a short, self-titled EP.


Hochenkeit is another rock band originating out of Portland, Oregon. They are known for their unique, creative blend of ethnic Asian music and free form psychedelic sounds. The band was originally formed in 1997 by previous Irving Claw Trio members Jeff Fuccillo, Jason Funk, and Ryan Poulos. Poulos left the band shortly after its formation and three new members were recruited: Matthew Arnold, John Vasallo, and Josh Hanson. Hochenkeit quickly began their live performances and in 1999, they recorded their first album, titled I Love You.

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  • Stan says:

    For those who haven’t listened to them yet, Yume Bitsu is an awesome band.

  • James Ruska says:

    Love the planetary music! Please keep us posted on upcoming events. For those do it your selfers that love home improvement projects, please see my site.

  • Sandra J says:

    I love all types of music, but planetary music is catching my attention lately. It kind of reminds me of the psychedelic music of the 60’s, but mellower.

  • Bill Stevens says:

    I love the site, please provide some updates on recent productions and the various music tools these guys are using to produce this type of music.. Still a big fan of planetarium music. If you need a writer, I’m available and would love to delve into planetarium music genre. I recently wrote this article related to power tools, various types of chainsaws.

    Thanks for the good info!
    Bill S